What is Solo Jazz Dancing?

Some video examples of people dancing solo to Jazz today:



(Helena Kanini Kiiru, CRO)


(Claudia Fonte, SPA)



(Rémy Kouakou Kouame, FR & Skye Humphries, US)

African American dancing in general and Swing dancing in particular has always had a vibrant solo dance culture alongside partnered dancing like Lindy Hop.

From Chorus Girls to Al Minns and Leon James, dancing solo to Jazz music has been an important part of both the core and the formation of partnered Swing dances.

Classic Jazz and Charleston steps form a crucial vocabulary for any jazz dance and are a beautiful expression of the music on its own. Dancing solo to Jazz music is joy and imagination in motion and fosters improvisation, musicality, rhythm, coordination, balance and expression - and will definitely help you grow as a dancer.