Drop-in classes just before Mannheim's premier blues social dance!


Every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month:


7-8pm - Drop-in class

8-10pm - Social Dancing



Kazzwoo - Jazz Café Bar


68159 Mannheim



Bring your dance shoes, 5-10-15€ for the donation box and some cash for the social dance (2,50€ entry fee) and a beverage of your choice at the bar, and come join us!

More information:


When you listen to Blues music do you feel compelled to move? Perhaps you want to dance but don't have a dance partner. Or you just don't want to commit to the fixed schedule at a dance school! In any case our Blues social, with its preceding class, is just the thing for you. Here you'll meet like-minded people and make new friends of all ages.

Every second and fourth Monday of the month, from 7-8pm, there'll be a themed blues dance class with Annette Kühnle (yours truly), followed by social dancing from 8-10pm.
The classes are independent of one another so you can join whenever you like (no registration necessary).
Beginners are welcome, and so are more experienced dancers who'd like to dive deeper into the fundamentals of blues dancing.



No drop-in class!

I'll be gone teaching blues in England for a few days and sadly our plans for a substitute class fell through. But there'll still be lots of social dancing to be had from 8-10pm!

Vaudeville Blues
From around 1920 to 1930, it was the great female blues singers who spread the 12-bar blues all across America through the Vaudeville theater circuit. Ma Rainey, Bessie Smith, Ethel Waters and many more, fundamentally shaped, codified and recorded the blues in a way that made it internationally recognizable as its own art form. Let's explore the beautiful, slow and often raunchy Vaudeville or Classic Female Blues through relaxed walking grooves in close embrace with a gentle sway or two.


Class fee is donation based (recommendation: 5€/10€/15€ for low/middle/high income)

What's Blues?
Blues is an African American music and dance form that was developed around the end of the 19th century in South of the U.S., and that today is being played and danced all over the world. Encompassed within the genre are many different styles and expressions of blues: From slow and emotionally evocative to groovier and faster sounds, from lamenting a painful event to celebrating a joyful occasion - when it comes to the emotional rollercoaster that is life, the blues has got you covered! As dancers, we can express what we hear and feel in the music as well as connect with our dance partners through our body movement. The blues can build us up or calm us down, letting us forget everyday life for a moment.