Blues in Europe: 2019/20

This is a calendar of all weekend-long (or longer) blues dance events in Europe/UK (and a bit further). For my personal work calendar click on tab "Personal Calendar".

Please send me a quick message if you're missing your event!



Feb 8-10, Tel Aviv, Black Coffee Blues (Ex) LINK
Feb 9-10, Kassel Blues Workshop LINK
Feb 15-17, Tours, In Love With Blues LINK
Feb 15-17, Porto, Lindy & Blues Weekend LINK
Feb 16-17, Barcelona, Blue Lemon Solo Blues LINK
Feb 21-24, Valencia, Double Shot Blues & Fusion LINK
Feb 22-24, Ghent, Big City Blues LINK

Mar 1-3, Prague, Little Blues Sister vol. III LINK
Mar 1-3, Belarus, WinterEnd Blues LINK
Mar 8-10, Lisbon Blues Exchange LINK
Mar 8-10, Paris, Backdoor to Blues (&Lindy) LINK
Mar 9-10, Zürich, Blüesli LINK
Mar 14-17, Barcelona, Cocoa Blues & Fusion LINK
Mar 15-18, Glasgow Blues Workshop LINK
Mar 22-24, Copenhagen, Hygge Blues LINK
Mar 28-Apr 1, Vienna Sugar Blues LINK

Apr 5-7, Paris, Good Fellows Blues LINK
Apr 5-7, Newcastle, Belta Blues LINK
Apr 11-14, Madrid, Espanish Blues Festival LINK
Apr 26-29, Łódź, Willow Blues Exchange LINK

May 2-5, La Garriga (SPA), Low & Slow LINK
May 3-5, Grenoble, Fallin' In Blues LINK
May 3-5, Porto Blues Exchange LINK
May 3-6, Glasgow, IRN Blues (&Fusion) LINK
May 11-12, Kassel Blues Workshop LINK
May 17-19, Paris Midnight Blues Festival LINK
May 24-26, Zürich, Blossom Blues LINK
May 30-Jun 2, Toulouse Blues Marathon LINK
May 30-Jun 2, Stockholm Blues Fest: The Retreat LINK

Jun 10-16, Valencia, Bluesology Teacher Training LINK
Jun 14-17, Brno, The Slow Down (&Lindy) LINK
Jun 28-30, Moscow, Blues Summer (Ex) LINK

Jul 5-7, Strasbourg, The Blues Spot LINK
Jul 19-21, Cork, Rebel Heart Blues LINK
Jul 27-Aug 3, Auvergne, Studio Hop Blues LINK

Aug 4-10, Volterra (IT), Mountain Blues Camp LINK
Aug 9-11, Berlin, Bear Blues Exchange (& Fusion) LINK
Aug 16-19, Kraków, Hummingbird Blues (& Fusion, Ex) LINK
Aug 16-18, (Near) Vilnius, Bluesila LINK
Aug 30 - Sep 1, Wrocław (POL), Open Blues (& Fusion) LINK

Sep 5-8, Bern, Be Bluesed LINK
Sep 5-8, Chania (Crete, GR), The Big Blues LINK

Oct 11-13, Glasgow, GlasGoSlow (& Lindy) LINK
Oct 25-27, North Berwick (SCO), Moonshine Blues Festival LINK

Nov 8-10, Leipzig, Blues meets Balboa LINK
Nov 15-17, London, Blues Baby Blues LINK

Dec 12-15, Vienna, Blues Fever Festival LINK

2020 (!)
Mar 19-23, Porto, Atlantic Blues LINK
Jul 10-12, Edinburgh, The Spoonful LINK