Blues in Europe:  2022

This is a calendar of all weekend-long (or longer) blues dance events in Europe & UK (and a bit further).

Please send me a quick message if you're missing your event.

Dec 3-4, Zürich, Blüesli LINK
Dec 8-11, Vienna, Blues Fever Festival LINK
Dec 17-18, Nuremberg/Erlangen (D), Swing & Blues Weekend LINK

Blues in Europe: 2023

Jan 14-15, Zürich, Blüesli LINK

Jan 13-15, Pistoia (IT), Crazy Blues LINK

Jan 19-22, Porto, Blue Monday Festival (&Swing) LINK

Jan 27-29, Rennes (FR), Breizh Blues Invasion LINK


Feb 17-19, Ghent, Big City Blues LINK

Feb 24-26, Saarbrücken (D), All That Blues LINK


Mar 3-5, (near) Paris, Backdoor To Blues LINK

Mar 10-12, Luxembourg, Duke's Blues LINK

Mar 16-19, Barcelona, Cocoa Blues & Fusion (Ex) LINK

Mar 24-25, Haifa, The Blues Badgers LINK

Mar 31-Apr 2, Grenoble, Fallin' in Blues LINK

Mar 31-Apr 2, Newcastle, Belta Blues (&Fusion) LINK

Mar 31-Apr 2, Paris, Good Fellow Blues LINK

Apr 28-30, Helsinki, The Grind LINK


May 5-8, Paris Midnight Blues LINK
May 12-14, Prague Blues Festival LINK
May 12-14, Lisbon in Blues LINK
May 26-29, Morimont (FR), Blues in the Woods LINK

Jun 23-25, Amsterdam Blues Exchange LINK