(This is my personal work calendar. For a calendar of all European blues dance events click on the "Blues in Europe - Calendar" tab above)



Jan 18-20, Madrid, Brothers in Jazz [attend] LINK

Jan 25-27, London, Sitting at the Foot of Blues [attend, DJ] LINK

Feb 9-10, Kassel Blues Workshop [teach] LINK

Mar 1-3, Prague, Little Blues Sister vol. III [teach, DJ] LINK
Mar 8-10, Lisbon Blues Exchange [DJ] LINK
Mar 28-31, Vienna Sugar Blues [attend, teach taster, DJ?] LINK

Apr 6, Maastricht Blues Workshop [teach, DJ] LINK
Apr 26-28, Morimont (FR), Broc Swing Fest [teach, DJ] LINK
May 11-12, Kassel Blues Workshop [teach] LINK
May 24-26, Zürich, Blossom Blues [teach, DJ] LINK
May 27- Jun 2, EL Blues Camp [teach, DJ] private

Aug 4-10, Volterra (IT), Mountain Blues Camp [teach, DJ] LINK

Sep 5-8, Bern, Be Bluesed [teach] LINK

Oct 11-13, Glasgow, GlasGoSlow [teach] LINK